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If you are South Asian and have high blood pressure, diabetes, an abnormal cholesterol profile, or a family history of these conditions, heart disease, or stroke, then you may be at risk. We can help. To schedule a screening, use our on-line Screening Sign-up form.
At the South Asian Heart Center you will:
Be screened with an advanced cholesterol test (this includes “additional risk factors”). Review: Advanced Screening, Insurance and Out-of-pocket costs
Have a brief physical exam, which includes blood pressure, height, weight, and waist size, etc.
Complete a heart health risk assessment that includes your personal and your family history (heart disease, diabetes, smoking, etc.) and lifestyle (diet, exercise, and stress) in a phone consultation with our staff.
Receive a risk profile (highlighting the number of significant risk factors) and a comprehensive heart health plan with recommended best practices (sent to you and your physician as well).
Receive lifestyle counseling on nutrition, exercise, and meditation.
Be assigned to a case manager for regular and on-going follow-up. The Center will assign a personal case manager to ensure compliance towards your comprehensive heart health plan to ensure that stay on plan and answer any questions you may have.
Get referrals to wellness providers (yoga, fitness, nutritionists on Indian diet, exercise physiologists).
Have a physician advisory committee available to your physician to answer any questions he/she may have at our Center.
Get referrals to physicians in our network if you do not have a physician.

To schedule a screening, use our on-line Screening Sign-up form.