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  • Access to proven, lifestyle management program for prevention
  • Advanced CME training for better evaluation and intervention
  • Transparent collaboration, integrating clinical & lifestyle aspects
  • Practice materials targeted towards your at-risk patients
  • Physician refers patient to Center for lifestyle intervention
  • Patient signs up and initiates AIM to Prevent program
  • Physician gets patient results and lifestyle plan
  • Physician adjusts clinical management, as appropriate
  • Patient receives ongoing lifestyle counseling and coaching
Win-win partnership

Seemingly healthy South Asians develop diabetes and have heart attacks at younger ages. Disease progression is faster, and severity is more pronounced in this population.

Traditional and routine guidelines fail to identify at-risk patients, so comprehensive screening is required to uncover hidden risks and disease. Lifestyle evaluation followed by personalized therapy has been shown to prevent adverse events.

As practitioners, you are equipped to medically manage your patient's risk factors. However, you may find it challenging to provide in-depth lifestyle counseling, and ongoing supervision and coaching to help your patients sustain these lifestyle changes. A three way partnership between your patient, the South Asian Heart Center and you, assures that your patient receives and benefits from expert guidance and lifelong follow up.


Physician spotlight
Physician resources

Join the South Asian Heart Center and avail of the following physician and patient-centric practice materials:

  • Physicians Guide to Coronary Artery Disease Pandemic in South Asians
  • Physicians Quick Reference Card
  • Physicians CME: Ancient is the New New
  • Hidden Risks Iceberg
  • Patient Referral Slip
  • South Asian Heart Center Manuscripts & Poster Presentations
  • South Asian Heart Center's AIM to Prevent & Lifestyle MEDS: the evidence
  • Patient Resource: What have you done to avoid a heart attack or diabetes?

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